Longevity with Provenance

In our time of history with marketing saturation and emphasis on immediacy, it’s good to know you can have something to hold on to. Possessions have little meaning without one's personal investment- a process towards sentimentality.


"Longevity with Provenance” is the bywords of JMB Canada. JMB has been passionately creating handmade leather accessories that marry fashion, function and form of the highest design. For over thirty years our leather creations have weathered the testaments of time, design and fashion-averting obsolescence and continuously gaining appeal.


JMB appreciates that the creative process requires time and this process is a shared contract without predetermination. For this reason, our products are designed to appreciate in value with the owners gained experiences. Our designs hold like a common thread through the cycles of fashion.

Enjoy it- and enjoy it again!


James Michael Brooks

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