ERIN SHOW classic jean

The Erin Show is one of our classic jean belts but with a twist. This three-piece design is hand cut, antiqued, then studded to make an authentic piece of denim worthy art. The hardware is a cast solid brass. All the holes are spaced at 3/4" instead of the 1" standard. This little detail gives you a great custom fit. How many times have you put on your favorite belt and find that you are in-between holes and have to settle for too loose or tight? It is made of 12oz.  English bridle leather. The edges are hand finished with our six-step process ensuring a product that only gets better with age. As with all our belts, your size should be the same as your comfortable jean size, allowing for a few holes adjustment either way.

note: this is a custom build and requires 2 weeks to be made.

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